Life is great!

Sorry for the super lame caption, but life really is going great here at
the mtc! I am learning and ton and am growing 24/7. It’s a wonderful,
wonderful blessing. I am so happy and am feeling the spirit so much in my

Some of the biggest take a ways from this week… Russel M. Ballard
speaking at our devo last Tuesday night! Wowww such a cool experience!! He
spoke a lot on missionary work and on the power of The Atonement in our
lives. It is crucial that we apply it. I know that life gets hard and some
days it is really easy to look back on life and feel like things are too
hard and you’ve made so many mistakes. The truth is though, we all have and
we will make lots of mistakes in life. That’s how it is. And experiencing
those mistakes is what helps us to grow and become better people. The
Atonement is what helps us rise above sins, change, be better and move
forward. As I’ve gotten older and older I have come to better understand
that in order to apply this beautiful gift in our lives we need to repent,
change, AND MOVE FORWARD. Where are we going to be in life if we keep on
reflecting on the bad times? We will be stuck in the past, not progressing
or moving forward. “The Savior is not disappointed with anyone who
earnestly seeks repentance.” Never think that you’ve messed up to much to
get back on the right path. God love all of his children. And he will never
give up on us.

Anyways, I gotta fly like Marty Mcfly (sorry for the messed up spelling).
Love you all!! Don’t forget how amazing you are!! Much love!!

Hermana Moss